Our Super Mario Wall Art blends in with all sorts of home decor. Whether your friend is a fan of video games or motivational quotes, this art piece inspires all individuals. It encapsulates what every person seeks; the ability to pursue their dream. So every time your friend comes home, they would be inspired to chase their passion; and who better to inspire that dream than one of most popular video game characters around. Super Mario exemplifies a message of perseverance and dedication. A message all individuals wish to follow.

If you wish to give your friend a piece of art that shows your appreciation for their friendship; this wall art is the best option.

It's white and black coloring allows it blend in with all surrounding colors. The message displayed is one of appreciation and value. All of us have friends, but most of us have a small circle of really close friends. This art piece exemplifies this message, it shows it's admirers, that they don't need a large group of friends, that instead, less is better. 

Happy National Friendship Day from the Ezmod Team.