Bring some panache to your pad, some spice to your space and some zest to your nest with simple home décor accents. This is the frosting on the cake when it comes to decorating your home so have fun with it and dare to try something new. Here are some examples of fun finishing touches that can enhance any room’s dull atmosphere.

Let the walls be your blank canvas and start with fun artwork or a great mirror. Artwork can set the mood for a space. Fun and frivolous or cool and collected are just a few scenarios art work can create in a room. This canvas print “Waters Mounted” is a calm and serene scene that may help you to relax or remember a special trip you once took. Using large mirrors can help make a smaller space look bigger, while a unique framed mirror can bring texture to space, like this Bang Mirror.  Using a wall as your personal photo gallery is a handy way to show off family photos or your talent with travel photos. Using different sizes, shapes and materials for your frames adds visual interest to you collection and your space.  Another opportunity to show off your style with accents is with your lighting. A striking chandelier like the Artichoke Leaf Lamp brings in the unexpected in this light fixture with its organic shape and design. Make a statement with a floor lamp like the Gravity Chrome Lamp that is suspended over a chair or sofa and looks to defy gravity. When you can, use accents that serve a dual purpose. The Bubble Coat Rack for example can add color and whimsy to a space while serving a second purpose as a coat & umbrella storage. Try and limit your use of knick-knacks that can clutter and make a space look disorganized. Instead opt for a large vase or collection of vases in 3 various sizes to create a focal point on a mantle or side table. Remember less is more when creating a design that has impact and visual harmony. When selecting accent pieces take your time and think about what is important to you and your own unique personality and incorporate your interests into your space. Making a space your own creates a comfort factor that Dorothy nailed when she said “Oh, Auntie Em…There’s no place like home!” Keep it EZ and you too will have a home sweet home. Sorry, enough of the home sayings. Truly,Kristin