Traditionally, ottomans have mostly been just a good place to put your feet up while you relax and read a book, take a nap or catch up on your favorite television programs.  Typically, ottomans are almost an afterthought:  they are made to match or compliment some sort of lounge chair.  Modern classic furniture designers, however, have recognized the potential of ottomans in recent years and have designed ottomans that not only stand on their own (four) feet, but are also versatile and multi-functional.  EZ Mod Furniture, one of the web’s leading modern classic furniture retailers, has kept up with newer trends in the style and usage of the humble ottoman and is proud to offer a variety of attractive modern classic ottomans for your home or office. 

If all you want or need for your home or office is a simple, yet sleekly designed cushion to put your feet up on, then EZ Mod Furniture’s Nox ottoman should do the trick.  This cute little cube is cushioned and covered in dark espresso brown bonded leather upholstery with some visible stitching for a little added flair.  As an added bonus, this ottoman is also sturdy enough to sit on and can be used as extra seating when you have guests over for a visit.  This practical piece is also priced to sell at just $52. 

If you need something to add a bit more storage space to your living room or bedroom, EZ Mod has several storage ottomans in the sleek modern classic style you’ll love.  Our Monroe storage ottoman is long enough to provide seating for three people and provides ample storage room under the hinged top.  The Monroe ottoman is constructed of sturdy wood, cushioned and padded, and covered in dark brown high-quality leather upholstery. 

For something a bit more stylish, and usable as a coffee table, consider EZ Mod’s modern classic Cocktail ottoman.  Constructed with a sturdy wooden frame, this elegant ottoman is covered in bi-cast dark brown leather with panel stitching for a decidedly modern classic feel.  This ottoman also features a retractable wooden panel that opens up to provide you with a bit of extra storage space--perfect for magazines, books, throw blankets, or just all those pesky appliance remotes that keep piling up!  This ottoman is also sturdy enough to provide a nice bench for people to sit on, or for your guests to simply place their drinks on. 

For the best deals in modern classic furniture designs, visit EZ Mod Furniture’s website today.

Cocktail Ottoman