Starting a new project can seem like a lot to take on, especially when you are starting a new family or its your first home. 

The first thing you need to do is brainstorm what type of style you are trying to portry in your home as a whole, as well as each room independently.

The second step is to construct a budget, how much money and over what period of time are you willing to invest to get the outcome you are looking for? 

Its never a wise idea to just start throwing random assortments together.  Think deeper than just the color matching aspect of designing your room/home. 

The theme can be organized through a variety of different aspects. 

For instance, perhaps you want to convey a certain time period through out your home, you can utilize paintings from the era or depicting the era that you chose to display. 

Material is another way to separate theme, mood, or design throughout your home.

  Chrome is a big material that is popular with home designer often used in the kitchen area. Perhaps a nice dark wood will work well with a den or a family area vibe. 

Whatever it is that fits your fancy just try and make a plan so that you are not just throwing random objects together and calling it “your design”