Most people have the idea that modern classic furniture, because of its sleek lines and spare styling, is uncomfortable, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Take, for instance, EZ Mod Furniture’s Rena Comfort Lounge and its matching ottoman.  Its simple lines are far from traditional furniture styles, yet the effect is more plush and inviting than cold and uncomfortable.  Upholstered in high-quality dark brown leather, the Rena Comfort Lounge and Ottoman makes an ideal place to sit back, put your feet up and relax. 

The backrest on this inviting lounge chair angles back and features “wings” on either side to either rest your head or lean up against.  The generous dimensions of the chair give you plenty of room to take a cozy nap or relax while you watch your favorite television show:  just over 23 inches in width, with a backrest of 32.6 inches in height.  The matching ottoman is 23.6 inches wide and equally long.  Both the ottoman and the seat of the lounge chair rise just over 15 inches from the floor, making it easy to sit down on or get up from when you are done relaxing. 

The Rena lounge chair and matching ottoman have the familiar sleek styling of modern classic furniture that makes it an elegant, functional and sophisticated addition to any room in your home you wish to relax in.  While supported by a sturdy wooden frame for shape and durability, the lounge and its matching ottoman are completely encased in foam padding and topped by luxurious dark brown leather.  Since no wood or framing elements are visible, the chair has a very clean, organic line that gives it the look of a living organism that grows up from the ground especially for your comfort.  While still looking plush, the simple lines and uncomplicated features put it firmly in the modern classic furniture design group rather than the more traditional fabric upholstery and wood concoctions that are seen in so many homes. 

EZ Mod Furniture is proud to offer people the best modern classic furniture designs such as the Rena Lounge Chair and Ottoman.  We pride ourselves on offering high quality furniture for your home or office at unbeatable prices and the Rena chair and ottoman are no exception.  Where most furniture stores would sell this stylish and comfortable modern classic duo for nearly $1,400, EZ Mod offers it for just $899.  To save you even more money, EZ Mod offers free shipping on any order within the continental United States.  For the best quality and prices in modern classic furniture designs, shop EZ Mod Furniture.