We’re having a Fall sale! 99$ for The popular Panton style S Chair!

One of the most famous and well designed chairs of the 20th century, the Panton Style S Chair is a favorite among fans of modern design. This chair was designed in 1960, and was the first single unit cantilevered chair made of molded plastic. It remains extremely popular today, as it effortlessly integrates into modern décor.


Verner Panton is considered one of the founders of ultra modern furniture. Panton was a student of legendary designer Arne Jacobsen, and worked among some of the era's most noted designers. He is best known for his distinct, futuristic style, as is seen in this chair. Much of his work remains extremely popular today, proof of the staying power of great design. Also known as the S Chair or Ess Chair, the Panton Style S Chair has a unique shape that adds instant character to your home.


The Panton Style S Chair is as much a piece of art as it is a functional piece of furniture. Though its look is statuesque, this chair is surprisingly comfortable and works great paired with a dining table, or as occasional seating in any room of the home or office. The Panton Style S Chair is made of strong, durable fiberglass. Our version is also a stackable chair up to four high, can be also used outdoors and molded in one piece. The integral organic shape creates flowing lines, without any break between the functional elements of backrest, seat or leg. We carry these only in matte, and it is available in red, white and black. This is a sale only lasts until Halloween, so if you have been tempted about buying these chairs hesitate no longer! There is no sales tax (CA excluded), and the shipping is free!