Tree overlooking the Pacific Ocean sunset

Yes the seasons really do change like clock work.

We can always rest assured that spring follows winter and autumn precedes summer.

So how can we keep our homes as up to date as the seasons?


With a little bit of brain power and elbow grease of course.


To this day it is still one of my favorite ocean shots out of the thousands that I have snapped.

Sometimes ideas can be complete accidents.

Even some of the greatest pieces of art were inspired by mistakes.

There is no success without failure. Homeless man on venice beach stacking rocks.

This photo is of a man that I met on venice beach, he had been homeless for over 10 years.  

His hobby was stacking natural rocks on top of eachother.  These rocks arent made to balance and I found it very

creative and fascinating.  Just goes to show never judge a book by it's cover.  There is something we can all learn from eachother.


Do not be afriad to make mistakes and take chances in your design ideas and in your life, no risk, no reward. 


Random skater I snapped a shot of while passing by.


No risk no reward applies to all different walks of life and aspects in our lives.

 What if the man in the photo above never attempted this trick because he was too worried of failing?

 Then he'd never achieve success.

 I know these are not photos of furniture but take my words and apply them not only to furniture but to life in general.  

 Sunset at Venice Beach

And always remember


"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"


My favorite Michael Jordan Quote.