Is your other half relentlessly tossing and turning over in the middle of the bed at night? This might sound familiar to every couple who shares a bed together as our darling partners’ bad sleeping habits are the number one bedroom complaint that leads to poor sleep.

Getting a larger blanket could certainly solve the problem of your partner holding the edge of the duvet and rolling away to the other side, but for everything else, considering a bigger bed might be a better solution. Below we have listed 5 interesting facts that show many reasons why you should increase the size of your bed:

  1. The British Sleep Council have shown in a recent study that the size of the bed has a significant effect on the quality of your sleep. Obviously, if you have more space to sleep and rest it is less likely that you will be disturbed by your partner’s midnight shufflings.
  2. A standard double bed which is 135cm wide only gives each sleeper about 67cm of sleeping space. When you think about this number the individual space given by a double mattress is way less than the total width of small single bed (small single beds are 75cm wide)
  3. Americans notoriously like to super size things and this is true of their beds as well. Even our more conservative European neighbours are more clued up on this and a prevalence of kingsize beds over double beds on the continent proves they are ahead of us when it comes it bed space.
  4. Contrary to the common belief, a superking bed or king size bed doesn’t cost a lot more than a double bed. Adding a few pounds is a small compromise considering the fact that you will be sleeping in a big bed for many years to come.
  5. The last reason, but far from the least, is that you will spend almost one third of your life in bed sleeping and who knows how many years more you will spend reading, watching TV and doing other activities.