Modern Style

Modern Style

Picture Example of Modern style bedroom

Modern Style is an ideal style for appartments becasue it maximizes space and create the impression that a room is larger than it actually is. bold geometric forms along with polished finishes and asymmetrical balance. Texture is kept to a minimum. Many people mix this style with other styles to get the best of both worlds.

Colors - Neutral colors often accented with a single bold color.

Furniture - The use of lighting to create space, bookcases or low-rise cabinets.

Accessories - The plain walls allow artwork and large accessories to take center stage. Use Handmade Home Decor accessories like glass, metals, stainless steel and chrome accessories. An absence of clutter is typical for this style in other words no excessive accessorizing.

Fabrics - Natural fabrics, leather, microfiber or velour fabrics add softness to sofas and chairs while rugs feature plush, shaggy textures.

Post - Modern Style

Post Modern Style

Picture Example of Postmosern style kitchen

This movement began in America in 1960's and then spread all over the world. Post-modern design rejects the functional, minimal use of materials and lack of embellishment represented by modern design. The key is borrowing from the past to create eclectic designs. Post-modern style creates comfortable spaces in a mixture of various design styles, unexpected design materials.

Furniture ergonomic furniture is a result of the rise of the modern commercial office and the home office has lead to a need for comfortable seating and work spaces. Art furniture employs form over function and includes unique designs adding interest to a room through a theme, color, or shape. Sculptural chairs and coffee tables are also important.

Assessories Art Work, Cabinet Knobs, Sculpture, Lights, Postmosern Ceramics,


Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style

Picture Example of Contemporary style living room

Smooth surfaces, clean and an uncluttered appearance characterize contemporary style interior design. For ideas look at stores like Ikea that have a lot to choose from when it comes to contemporary style interior design - everything you'll need from clever storage systems to funky chairs and minimal style furniture. While modern style is as rich and varied as its traditional counterpart, there are a few things that most contemporary styled homes have in common:

Color Scheme contemporary homes are characterized by their cool, muted color palettes, featuring a lot of whites, creams, and darker shades including brown, taupe and mauves, black and expresso. Shiny metal, polished wood and cool tile.

Furniture Contemporary modern furniture is often crafted from steel, plastic, molded plywood, acrylic, or glass components. This clean-lined furniture is free from decorative trim, detailed wood carving, tufting, or other embellishments. Popular upholstery choices include leather, cotton, canvas, and linen. Contemporary beds tend to be low to the ground and sometimes have attached shelves for use as night stands. There is usually no box spring used, so the bed frame is designed as a solid platform. Often times there is either no headboard or a very low profile version made of wood or upholstered with fabric or leather.

Assessories large vibrant paintings, brightly colored chair of sofa, accents of color can also come from cushions, rugs are often used to add both warmth and color to a room, throws or ornaments, or a set of silk drapes which add interest to what could otherwise be a plain looking room. Chrome finishing on furniture and fixtures – particularly in bathrooms and kitchens – glass accessories. Surfaces in the contemporary home are clear and uncluttered. Do not litter your surfaces with pictures in frames, ornaments or other "clutter".