Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of modern classic furniture is a side table designed in 1924 by Irish architect and furniture designer Eileen Gray.  One of the true pioneers of modern furniture design, Gray was born in Ireland in 1878 to parents who nurtured her early artistic inclinations.  Her father, James Maclaren Gray, was a painter and an aristocrat who took his youngest daughter on several painting trips through Italy.  At 20, Eileen began studying painting at the Slade School of Fine Art in Central London.  After her father’s death in 1900, Ms. Gray moved to Paris, France and resumed her studies at the Academie Julian and, later, the Academie Colarossi.  Eileen was persuaded by Romanian architect Jean Badovici to pursue architecture and in 1924 Ms. Gray, with the help of Badovici, began to design and construct a new home for herself in southern France near the border of Monaco.  The house was named E-1027, which was a code name using both Gray’s and Badovici’s names:  “E” for Eileen, “10” for Jean as “J” is the tenth letter of the alphabet, “2” for Badovici as “B” is the second letter of the alphabet and “7” for Gray as “G” is the seventh letter of the alphabet.  Eileen designed all the interior furnishings to the home, which happened to include a small steel tube and glass side table for one of the guest bedrooms.

The glass and steel side table designed by Eileen Gray has been considered an icon of modern classic furniture design for several decades.  Said to have been inspired by one of Gray’s sisters who enjoyed eating breakfast in bed, the side table is adjustable in height and features a tall, thin steel tube stem on just one side so that the table can be comfortably moved to the side of any bed or chair so that the glass top can serve as a tray or small work surface.  The simplicity of Gray’s design makes this side table an ideal addition to any living room, bedroom or office.  Gray had been admiring Marcel Breuer’s recent experiments with tubular steel at the Bauhaus School in Germany and incorporated the use of steel tubing into a functional yet sleek and exciting home furnishing article. 

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