A lot of people like to have a theme for their home.

They want to make sure that every room is in connection stylistically with the rest of the house so they can create a flowing home enviroment with a consistent vibe throughout the home.  

Why is that?

Isn't the USA all about diversity? Aren't we one of the greatest nations on the planet because we are the ultimate melting pot as far as culture is concerned?  So shouldn't our homes reflect that philosophy?

It's time to start getting creative guys.  There are several ways to spice up every room in your home without using the same techniques and themes.  For instance, every room could have its own color coded theme.  

And you can cordinate the color of the room with the mood that you are trying to set or ambiance you are attempting to achieve.  

You can use soothing pastels in the bathrooms to create a calm relaxing atmosphere for those long luxurious bubble baths that help melt away the stress from the work week.  

You could go with loud and vibrant neon shades in the family room to help promote energy and encourage conversation.  Color is not the only way to switch it up, you can also use size.  

Perhaps certain areas in the home are comprised of sleek and slender decorations and furniture, while others contain bulky and luxurious items.

What ever your preference may be just make sure you go for it.  Don't let ikea and walmart rule your furniture and fashion world. 

We here at EZMOD are dedicated to keeping you at the edge of the contemporary furniture realm.  So stop by our new home page and be sure to check out some of our new and hot selling items. 

There is no excuse for a dull home enviroment except lazyness.