It was a Wednesday night.  I attended a presentation of an old college friend of mine, who is in the vitamin business.  After this intriguing presentation, I wondered who else was as interested in getting healthy as I was, so I began mingling.  That is when I met Ana.  Ana was quite the conversationalist, which made sense because she was the presenter as well, after all.  We totally hit it off.  When she asked me what I did for a living, I explained to her I was a marketing specialist for my company EZmod Furniture, where we specialize in mid-century modern and contemporary styled furniture.  Ana’s eyes lit up-“contemporary, you say?”  “Yes, that’s right” I explained.  “For example, we have a kiss chair that literally is a pair of kissing lips.  It’s pretty popular“.  As soon as I said that, Ana starts chuckling and says with a smile “that’s so cool! I love that kind of style, but I don’t think my partner would like any of that-more into classic style furniture.”  That comment Ana made stuck in my head.  Is it possible to make contemporary and mid-century modern furniture look classic? 




I really love how our customers can style mid-century and contemporary furniture endlessly.  But, classic?  Well, I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible!  Do you have a W Chair? Pair it with the Modern V Table.  This way, you will have a mid-century modern styled chair, with a classic colored dining table with just the right amount of flair on the legs. And how about a mid-century inspired Eiffel Side Chair? It pairs beautifully with a simple, classic white table and sofas, even (shown above). And a few Plywood Lounge Chairs? Pair them with a classic table of the same color to spruce up the classic look.  I guess Ana can make it work with her classic-loving partner!