Have you taken advantage of our live instant message feature?

You will be instantly connected to a live PERSON, not a robot.


If you have ever used the instant chat feature on our website this year, then chances are you and I have exchanged messages.

But I bet the odds are stacked more toward the chance that you've never even considered using our Instant Message feature.

Unlike most online retailers we actually have someone monitoring our Instant Message server Monday through Friday from 9-5.   

So USE it.

I mean that is what it's there for.  Whether you have a small question, or need to place a large order, someone will be there to help you.  

It is always wise to message us just to make sure that we have your item on hand and can get it to you by the date you require, if there is one.

It brings a smile to my face everytime that I have a chance to service someone on our website.  I'm here to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

So don't hesitate to ask me anything on our instant message feature found at the lower right hand corner of our website.