So, let us get one thing straight dear reader.  There is a huge difference between a fad and a trend.  A fad is a very fickle term.  It basically means short –lived.  It was in the moment and has now left just as fast as it came.  Most definitely not worth the investment of precious time or money.  A trend on the other hand lasts a bit longer.  A statement maker, if you will.  They can last for months, years and sometimes even decades.  A trend is considered a trend when it has made a huge impact on people and is just as inspiring as it was when it was first discovered.  Now that we have cleared the air on the subject, here are the top trends of the 21st century that society simply cannot get enough of.




Furniture is Going Green!

So, is society the only group deciding what is “in” and what is “out?”  Well, not exactly.  The buyers for the furniture companies are young and very tech savvy.  There is also an alarming concern for our environment and going green in order to help our planet thrive.  This explains why going green with furniture has gone mainstream.  Recycled and repurposed materials are being used more and more to build everything from tables and desks to chairs and dressers.  This is due to diminishing resources and pollution concerns.  The smaller the carbon footprint, the better.  The next time you go shopping for “green furniture,” your next end table just might be from a demolished building!


Multifunctional Furniture

Let’s face it, we all want more bang for our buck.  Not to mention, major cities are jam packed with people and living spaces are getting smaller and smaller (I’m looking at YOU Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Seattle…).  The point is multifunctional furniture is not only convenient, it is becoming a necessity. Small stools that turn into a chest and coffee table? Brilliant!  There are even beds that flip the mattress up for extra storage.  Oh yes, multifunctional furniture is here to stay!




Smaller Scaled Furniture

The slimmer the better!  This is nothing new, but has been very popular in that last few years.  The popularity of condominium living as well as smaller homes has driven furniture makers to think big by thinking small.  The development of small and narrow furniture spares living spaces precious space. And does not want extra space?




Mixed Finishes and Materials

Lots of experimenting is going on when it comes to creating furniture, too.  Furniture makers are putting finishes together that used to be considered taboo.  Harmonizing looks like solid brass with gold leaf, the reinvention of eglomise paired with featured metal and other lovely complex looks are being found on the market. Combinations have never been more beautiful!