Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread? I actually borrowed this question from an articleon Wordpress I was reading to get some ideas about what interesting things I could write about in my blog.  I think it’s a great question. Everyone has different ideas about what the best thing is and I want to explore my best of the best list with you.

Sliced bread is something we take for granted these days but way back before bakeries and bread factories had the automatic slicing machines, slicing bread could be a daunting task. I can only imagine this as I am way too young to have been around then, ha-ha. So needless to say sliced bread is not on the top of my “best” list. What does in fact make me as happy as my husband when I take out the trash is anything that can save time. Time is a precious commodity and saving some by using things like the internet, take out restaurants and no sort laundry detergent just makes me giddy!

Most of the biggest time savers today are usually tech related. I have to say that my smart phone is the best thing since sliced bread for me. This amazing little gizmo is so much more than just a phone. It can save time in immeasurable ways, from paying your bills, ordering your lunch, finding your way to a new location with GPS, capturing a moment with your camera to clocking your steps with a pedometer app, ordering your groceries and timing your dinner that’s cooking in the oven.  If you miss a birthday, no worries send them a gift on your phone! My three year old loves to watch his favorite shows on my phone which can be a lifesaver when he is cranky at a restaurant or in a waiting room. There are so many amazing things it can do! What is your favorite?

A few other of my favs include online bill pay. I mean who doesn’t love being able to pay your bills with no need for stamps, envelopes, paper cuts or mailing issues while waiting in line at the car wash? The car wash, another amazing time saving invention and the best thing my five bucks can buy! My second favorite time saver is online grocery delivery!! This irreplaceable online service has a minimal charge and is offered by some grocers like Vons, Stop & Shop, and Schwann’s. You order online, pick a delivery time and voila! The groceries arrive at your door and are brought into your home and are even separated in different bags based on produce, frozen food, etc. Are you serious? Who doesn’t love that?? This is a HUGE timesaver and for a busy mom a lifesaver. I feel very lucky to live in an age where one of the best things since sliced bread can actually bring you sliced bread!

These innovations are just a small example of all the wonderful things out there that help make our lives easier and save time. I would love to hear your ideas on this subject as well as other topics you want me to cover in this biweekly blog. Just register here on the EZmod website and you can leave me feedback. Thanks for reading and keeping it EZ!

Truly, Kristin M