It is so important to make your home your own, livable space.  It needs to show the world who you are, makes you feel comfortable and is another wonderful way to express yourself.  And starting a brand new year is the absolute perfect time to get rid of old, hand-me-down sofas and chairs and begin anew with a style that is more you!  This week, we take a look at the contemporary styles we love and how these pieces make any room light up!


EZmod Furniture's Louie Armless Chair in Smoke                                                                 EZmod Furniture's Louie Armless Chair in Ivory     

Contemporary furniture as we like to call it are very unique pieces that can bring just a touch of edge, or completely revamp your living space into a post-modern wonderland.  The Louie Armless chair for example, is a great example of bringing in a little contemporary style into your home (or outdoor patio).  It is a timeless piece that is both a chair as well as an artistic statement piece.  It’s very thick acrylic material makes this chair extremely sturdy.  It also makes a bold statement in smaller rooms.  Speaking of contemporary, see also our Louie Ghost Arm Chair. The Louie Armless chair comes in a variety of colors such as black, clear, ivory and smoke.     


                   EZmod Furniture's Loop Chair in Black                                                           EZmod Furniture's Loop Chairs are Stackable

Another excellent addition for the contemporary eye is the Loop Chair.  These gorgeous pieces are practical, light and sold in pairs.  The gorgeous loop chair stands on four slim legs, however do not let them fool you, for they are very sturdy.  The back of this sleek chair creates a very curvaceous crisscrossing pattern.  The three lines each create a different back, which merge beautifully into the edge of the seat.  The Loop Chairs are not only a statement piece, they are also stackable and a space saver.  These elegant chairs will bring elegance and edge to any living space.


                                                                           EZmod Furniture's Loop Chair 2-Pack in Yellow