Ah, the mysteries of the bar nook.  You know, that tiny corner in between the kitchen and the living room?  It is so easy to look over this small yet functional place in our homes, but it can be useful in so many ways.   A place to study, have a cocktail with a friend or eat a light lunch.  There are so many possibilities, so many options…perhaps too many!  But do not let the over enthusiastic hypes of catalogs, magazines or department stores get the best of your decision making.  A bar nook can be a very easy part of your home to decorate.  Here is a secret: it is all about the stools!


Yes, the barstool or counter stool of the bar nook can make it or break it.  Unfortunately, there is no in between.  But not to worry, I feel this special little escape in your home does not have to go with the theme of your kitchen nor your living room.  It has the freedom to have its own unique feel to it, which is why it is so unique.  Have you ever wanted something with a splash of edge to it?  The Odo Barstools are what you have looking for.  They come in the basics of red, white and black and can be easily slipped into your nook with space conserving bases.  The shiny chrome from the base and comfy leatherette seats blend well with almost any interior.            


Another great pair of barstools is the Adjustable Curve Barstools.  Again, they are very sleek and daring yet can easily be blended very well with interior that is of traditional décor.  These barstools also have shiny chrome base that is built for sturdiness and durability.  Adjustable Curve Barstools also possess a foot rest and the ergonomics of the seat is grooved to the natural curves of the body, which makes it very comfortable to sit in.