Few things evoke the era of space-age style in the 1960s as much as EZ Mod Furniture’s Petal Chair.  Inspired by Danish modern furniture designer Poul Volther’s 1961 masterpiece the Corona Chair, EZ Mod’s Petal chair is sure to delight anyone who is a fan of modern furniture’s more space-age, swinging 60s-inspired phase.  Initially, Volther’s Corona chair was given its name because of its uncanny resemblance to the path of the sun as it moved through its various phases in the sky during an eclipse.

EZ Mod Furniture has taken great pains to re-craft Volther’s Corona chair and its character.  The Petal chair is composed of four elliptically-shaped pads of descending size that appear to be floating atop one another.  In reality, all four pads are held together by a chrome-plated steel frame that provides the chair with some much-needed stability, curving both underneath and behind the four seat pads.  The base of the chair, like the frame, is chrome-plated steel and conveniently swivels for more mobility.  The largest pad forms the comfortable seat with either of both ends gently curving upwards to form armrests.  The remaining three seat pads provide support for the lower back, shoulders and head.  The chair pads tilt back at a relaxing angle to encourage greater relaxation.  EZ Mod Furniture also sells this modern furniture classic with a conveniently matching footstool, also with an elliptically-shaped pad and steel base, to make it even more comfortable.  The chair pads and footstool are all made of velour microfiber and are available in either black or red to suit your room’s color scheme. 

While EZ Mod Furniture prides itself on bringing quality reproductions of iconic modern furniture pieces into your homes, it also does so at prices that are affordable for nearly every budget.  The Petal chair, for example, retails for as much as $1,200 at some competitors’ stores.   EZ Mod Furniture, however, sells the Petal chair at a much more budget-friendly $859.  Modern furniture’s great style and design do not mean much when they are too expensive for the average person to be able to afford them. 

If you are furnishing your home or office and enjoy the clean, unfussy lines of modern furniture, EZ Mod Furniture should be your first (and last) stop for modern furniture at great prices.