So you just purchased your beautiful Bertoia style bar stools from EZ Mod Furniture.  So many ideas fly through your head as to how and where you will place it.  But when you finally do, well… maybe it would look better on the kitchen nook instead of the bar area?  Styling your Bertoia style bar stool, counter stool or chair could become a noggin scratcher since it is so versatile.  Here are a few tips that will make wire framed furniture look perfect anywhere in your home or office.


The greatest thing about any kind of wire framed furniture is that one to two pieces could work well with any kind of space.  This is because besides its own wire finish, wire-framed furnishings do not have any real distinctive features of their own.  The main job of a piece of wired furniture?  To be a shape or “impression” to give the viewer a glimpse of the room beyond.  In a very literal sense, they meld with the surrounding room-because you can see right through them.  This way, you do not have to worry about matching patterns, wood tones, colors etc. because the shape will be colored by the space through them.


Now that we have an understanding as to how wire furniture works, we can decide which wire finish works best for your living space.  The type of wire finishing has an enormous impact on the overall appearance of a wire framed furnishing piece.  Take the Bertoia mesh wire chairs for example.  Even though it can be designed many ways, this simple yet chic chair can transform a living space.  The shiny stainless steel of the piece would be perfect if you’re going for a factory-style theme in your home.  The stainless steel mixed with whites, blacks or greys in the background would be ideal.  If you’re looking for more of a farmhouse style look, we suggest unfinished iron, steel or oiled rubbed bronze.  Do you dream of an Art Deco style or Old Hollywood feel to the room?  Look for gold finish or gold leaf wire to make this dream a reality!