Surfing through the internet on your laptop, you come across the most beautiful color palette.  The marriage of soft, elegant greys and golds catches your eye…and it is beautiful.  With all of the new and exciting designs, patterns and colors being introduced at trade shows and for the new season, we are as giddy as school girls.  There were many new designers introduced this season, along with new furniture designs.  Everything from matte colors to Artisan vibes, this week we take a look at what spring 2016 has us all a buzz about.

                                                  Nice, Modern, Inexpensive & Simple - Mod Made Chrome Wire Counter Stool MM-8033LS-WHITE:

So, back to those lovely greys.  This season, the matte colored greys are very on trend.  They are being found everywhere from backdrops in kitchens, to the walls of bedrooms.  This soft form of grey compliments many color schemes including pinks, blues, and greens…just about any color.  What is on trend though?  Right now, we are seeing a whole lot of brushed golds and coppers to complement each other.  And boy, do they do it well!  Throw in a textured accent like a metallic or embroidered pillow in the mix and boom!  Your dream room is complete!


Not into Textural tones?  You can never go wrong with a simple minimalistic palette.  If simple and to the point is your thing, try simple frames, straight lines and formed structure.  Accent the dominant white walls with black and one more color.  A splash of a neutral or pastel color of your liking will work with this classic Swedish interior. 


Are you more of a wanderlust soul?  Let us not forget about the big, bold colors that are trending as well!  The bohemian artesian-inspired look is filled with color, including ocean blues mixed with bright reds and splashes of burnt yellow.  Here is a rule of thumb: do NOT be afraid to mix different patterns/textiles, however keep it down to two.  Also, for the beautiful, bright colors-one dominant color and only two accent colors.  Play with it, have fun and let us know in the comments below how you are trending this season!