Spoke clock seems simple enough.  It consists of a metal face, wooden spokes and thin, narrow pieces of metal for hands.  And even though these key points seem insignificant, the Spoke Clock has quite the background story behind it.  Possessed with a whole lot of history, this modern clock stood for a lot when hung in a housewives’ home or a business man’s office.  It meant they were done with the past and looking forward to the future.  What exactly does that mean?  Let us step back in time and discover how the design of Spoke Clock, along with many other famous interior styles came to be.


                                                           EZmod's Nelson Style Ball Clock

After World War II, the Streamline Moderne and Art Deco scene had evolved into Mid Century Modern-and for understandable reasons.  This important design movement was a sign of hope.  Although some may have found them as “cold” looking, they reflected what designers and society felt about the war and how they would improve.  These by-products were a gleaming light of optimism as well as a whole nation’s outlook on building a new, bright future.     


                                                                 EZmod's Star Clock

The regime of the Mid Century Modern movement lasted from as early as mid-1930s through the mid-1960s.  The most popular ones like Hans Andersen's Wooden Spoke Clock and George Nelson’s Sunburst Clock, Ball Clock and Star Clock were always in demand.  These atomic-era clocks could be found in every home and business in the country.  This new architecture included many modern materials at the time including glass, steel, reinforced concrete and plywood.  The long reign of mid-century finally came to an end towards the revolution of 70s influential patterns, designs and fabrics.  More traditional armchairs and dining sets came to be and the mid-century came to an end.  It had a revival in the 1980s and is still popular today. 


                                                          EZmod's Spoke Clock in Natural

The futuristic spoke clock among others was not only a tool to tell time, it also represented a time in American history where a whole country stood together and promised greener pastures.  The Spoke Clock is a reminder of what was then, however in the present it reminds us of where we are going.  Time will only tell what interior design has in store for us.