Self-described as “fashion inspiration from real people around the world,” Lookbook is more than a blog, it’s a social network of Fashionistas who regularly submit images of everyday people (often themselves) in fashionable outfits. With more than 725,000 registered members, Lookbook utilizes a voting system to rank user-submitted looks via a “Hype” button (similar to Facebook’s “Like”), allowing popular looks to be featured more prominently. With an emphasis on “Street Style,” Lookbook’s audience is predominantly female (80%) and influential, with 50% of members running their own blog or website. Top Contributors Include:

2. The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is the blog of Scott Schuman, former writer for GQ, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and Interview. A photographer as well as a writer, The Sartorialist features daily images of fashion on the streets and runways of the world’s fashion capitals: Milan, Florence, New York, London, among others. Itself an example of a simple aesthetic meant to highlight the content, The Sartorialist focuses more on the beautiful imagery and less on the words. After all, a picture does speak for itself. Popular Posts Include:

3. hypebeast

Were you to miss the last several eons of human history and read its “About” page, you’d think Hypebeast was singlehandedly responsible for getting humans out of animal skins. Phrases like “The impact of Hypebeast has been paramount in constructing today’s outlook on lifestyle” notwithstanding, Hypebeast is a premier Culture blog with a focus on all things Fashion, Arts, Design and Music. Decidedly male in perspective, Hypebeast’s audience varies from sneakerheads, to gamers and techies, among others. Popular Posts Include:

4. Honestly, WTF?

Owned by Erica & Lauren, a stylist and a designer, respectively, “Honestly WTF?” is all about the extraordinary things that blow their mind or make them say, “Honestly. WTF?” The site offers daily musings on style and fashion and features posts on various subjects, including do-it-yourself projects, art, and travel. Popular Posts Include:

5. Atlantic – Pacific

The blog of Blair Eadie, a self-described “east coast girl currently loving California life,” Atlantic – Pacific could best be described as the style musings of an East Coast transplant, in pictorial format, that is. By day a merchant for a major specialty retailer, Blair credits her day job for her daily inspiration. Popular Posts Include:

6. Oh, Joy!

Founded by Joy Deangdeelert Cho, a graphic designer, Oh Joy! primarily focuses on visual collections of things Joy enjoys most. A published author of Creative, Inc. and, most recently, Blog, Inc., Joy launched Oh Joy! in 2005 to write about her three favorite pastimes (besides being a mommy): design, fashion and food. Unlike many of the blogs on this list, Joy does a fair amount of writing about the beautiful images she posts. Readers rejoice! Popular Posts Include:

7. Cupcakes & Cashmere

Two guesses as to the focus of this blog. Although you’d be forgiven for answering “cupcakes and cashmere,” the answer is actually fashion and food. Founded by Emily Schuman in 2008, the blog documents the things that Emily finds inspiring. Popular in large part for her simple but effective tutorials ranging from how to make a braided bun to how to apply dewy makeup, Cupcakes and Cashmere is at once accessible and insightful. Popular Posts Include:

8. Japanese Streets

Not to be outdone by Cupcakes and Cashmere, Japanese Streets takes the prize for most explanatory blog name. Focused on the street fashion of Tokyo and Osaka, Japanese Streets was started in 2002 by photo-journalist Kjeld Duits. With over 30,000 photos, readers will be hard-pressed to run out of content on this blog. For those seeking to replicate the looks without copying them exactly, Japanese Streets offers a color palette associated with each outfit — a handy little tool indeed. Popular Posts Include:

9. Chictopia

Similar in scope to Lookbook.nu, Chictopia is an online community of fashion lovers. Boasting a membership of over 250,000, Chictopia plays host to daily street-style postings from its thousands of members. Featuring a voting system that allows members to upvote looks they like, Chictopia is best described as the Facebook of fashion. Founded by Berkeley grads Helen Zhu and Corinne Chan in 2008, Chictopia has quickly become the premier online fashion communitiy. Popular Posts Include: