“Appreciate the moment” –Isamu Naguchi

The Tribeca Table (aka the Naguchi Table), conceals nothing; rarely has so much been expressed with so little, revealing everything about the nature of simplicity. Two simple, smoothly shaped pieces interlock to form a tripod that supports a .75" thick slab of transparent glass. You'll appreciate the moment with these elegant pieces. Those who love natural shapes and flowing lines appreciate the simplicity of this quality replication. It balances modern features in your home easily, while still highlighting the contemporary style. The organic designs bring a sense of relaxation to any home, enhancing the peaceful feeling of classic beauty. Accent your living area or professional reception area with the graceful elegance of this practical and beautiful rounded glass table. Simple Assembly required.


* Glass top and two interlocking wood base piece
* Solid hardwood frame with lacquer finish
* Functions as both furniture and art in homes and offices
* Excellent packaging
* Authentic quality reproduction