Today is my first day back to work after a wonderful week long vacation in the Bahamas. They don’t call it the "Baham-ahhhs" for nothing. I had an amazing time filled with many “ahhh, this is the life” moments. Now that I am back to reality I am going to recapture some of those moments by using my 5 senses to recreate feelings of tropical relaxation in my own home.

The senses are our window to the world and we use them to experience all the wonderful things that make a vacation memorable. But what happens when the vacation is over and you are back to the regular old day to day routine of our sometimes boring lives? Here are some ways to use your 5 senses to make your vacation memories last after you have returned home to the real world.

See – Our sense of sight is best utilized by using photos from a trip or artwork from the region you have visited. If you have photos you really love you can have them enlarged and printed out on a stretched canvas to look like a painting.  When you are away you can visit local art galleries and buy prints of local landscapes and frame them when you get home. They can be shipped or rolled for easy packing. Colors from a vacation destination, like the turquoise waters and pink sand beaches of the Bahamas can be brought into your space in other ways. Using these colors in bath towels, rugs and curtains will help to remind you of the paradise you visited.

Smell – The sense of smell is the strongest trigger for your memory. Smelling the scents from your vacation is as easy as lighting a scented candle or using a fragrant hand lotion. A tropical location has scents of coconut, limes, ocean and hibiscus flowers. Look for a place while on your trip that specializes in making products like soaps, lotions and candles that have scents of the locale.  When you are feeling reminiscent of your trip just take a sniff and be whisked away to that place again.

Hear – A great reminder of a place you have visited is the local music, so pick up a cd or download some music to your music player and set the mood for a vacation flashback. If it’s the beach you long for bring home a large shell and hold it to your ear to hear the roar of the ocean.

Touch – When souvenir shopping opt for things that are locally made and indigenous to that area.  Natural textures from seashells, sand, sea sponges and starfish are great to touch and bring interesting texture and conversation to your space.

Taste – One of my favorite parts of vacation is the food. In order to bring back edible memories from a trip make sure there is no restrictions on what you want take home with you. Some countries have laws against taking out any fruits, vegetables or meats. Look for local spices, sauces and confections to treat your palate to an extended vacation when you get home. My family looks forward to rum cakes after a trip to the tropics. Yummy and easy to transport.  You can also buy a cookbook from your vacation spot and make local favorite recipes when you get home. 

So, if you find yourself longing to be back in paradise, mix up a fruity tropical drink, listen to your island music while sniffing an ocean scented candle and looking at your photo album. It’s almost like your back there again, until you are.  Where is your favorite vacation spot? Thanks for keeping it EZ! Truly, Kristin