For some truly innovative modern classic furniture designs, look no farther than Verner Panton.  Born in Denmark in 1926, Panton first studied architecture in Odense, then later at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen.  After spending a few years working in established design firms, Panton decided to go it alone and opened his very own design shop in 1952.  With nobody else to answer to but himself, Panton became quite well known for his daring new designs.  Of particular note, Panton designed a collapsible house in 1955, as well as houses made of either cardboard or plastic in 1960. 

It was at this time that Panton began flirting with modern classic furniture design, with the result of some truly dynamic and unusual seating solutions.  Panton’s “S” chair remains one of his most popular chair designs and is still in production by several modern classic furniture manufacturers all around the world today.  Panton’s “S” chair is entirely constructed of plastic and was the very first chair to be designed with single-form injection-molded plastic.  Plastic was a very big commodity in the 1960s and modern furniture designers world-wide had started experimenting with it to spectacular results.  Because Panton’s “S” chair is one solid piece of plastic, it can more or less mimic the curve of the human body while sitting.  From the backrest to the comfortably curved seat to the chair’s deep base that allows the sitter to neatly tuck in their feet, this chair provides both comfort and exciting modern classic style.  The slender and pared-down design also makes the “S” chair perfect as seating around a dining table.  Really, these “S” chairs are perfect to use anywhere since the sturdy plastic is easily cleaned and suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor.  These chairs have the added bonus of being easily stacked when not in use, making them the perfect modern classic party chair. 

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