Modern classic furniture design in the 20th century has been known for its innovative use of new materials and mechanical processes to create new forms and line.  New technological breakthroughs, as well as a willingness to experiment with more traditional furniture design concepts brought an entirely different aesthetic into mid-century homes and offices.  Modern furniture designers worked hard to offer a new look that was clean, sleek and even futuristic.  Perhaps one of the most famous modern classic furniture designers was Sori Yanagi.  Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1915 Yanagi is the designer who inspired EZ Mod Furniture’s Butterfly Bentwood Stool. 

The Butterfly stool is at once an elegant, innovative and functional stool.  Created by using two identical molded plywood pieces shaped in a gentle “L” fashion, EZ Mod Furniture offers this modern classic reproduction in a beautiful rosewood finish, with each piece forming one half of the seat and one half of the base.  The two pieces are connected by a brass metal rod halfway up the base for a sturdy piece of furniture that will stand the tests of time and usage.  The stool is made possible through some technical innovations pioneered by modern classic furniture design giants Charles and Ray Eames and Finnish furniture designer Eero Saarinen.  Wood does not traditionally lend itself well to forms that curve.  Typically, to get anything other than a right angle, the wood must be either cut or sanded down to a rounded or curved form.  But methods developed by modern furniture designers towards the middle of the 20th century allowed for wood splints to be molded into softer contours, allowing for more delicate designs such as the Butterfly stool. 

EZ Mod Furniture is known not only for offering high quality reproductions of modern classic furniture designs, but also for offering them at just a fraction of the cost that other modern furniture retailers do.  The delicate and beautiful Yanagi Butterfly stool would be sold for over $600 at other stores, but at EZ  Mod Furniture, we offer this popular modern classic furniture piece for just $95.99—a savings of nearly $500.  EZ Mod Furniture saves you even more money than other modern classic furniture retailers by offering free shipping on any order within the continental United States—with no minimum purchase requirement.  When you want quality modern classic furniture for your home or office, visit EZ Mod Furniture’s website for the best deals.