Anyone who follows trends in home furnishings knows that the public’s taste is cyclical.  For the last few years, it was the “shabby chic” look that invaded stores and made its way into people’s homes in an attempt to make a house look comfortable and well-worn.  Inevitably, however, tastes are once again changing and this time furniture design is trending back towards the clean, simple style of modernism. 

Modern furniture design, which really came to prominence towards the middle of the 20th century, is characterized by bright color schemes, clean, unadorned lines and the use of nontraditional materials for common furniture pieces.  Take, for example, the work of Japanese American designer Isamu Noguchi:  his wood and glass coffee table is as much a sculptural work of art as it is a functional coffee table.  The table top is a softly rounded glass triangle supported by a wooden base.  The two halves of the base are identical and inverted, creating a sort of mirror image of each other.  Noguchi’s modern classic design stands in a stark contrast to more traditional (or even “shabby chic”) versions of coffee tables which tended to be entirely made of wood, often with elaborately carved details. 

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of modern classic furniture design is provided by the work of Swiss-French designer Le Corbusier.  His three-seat sofas remain iconic for their modern style and feel.  Unlike traditional sofas that feature rounded edges and have an over-stuffed, cozy look, Le Corbusier’s sofas are highly structured with clean, straight lines on all the cushions, a straight back and a stainless steel tube frame to pull the cushions together and give the couch support and shape.  While still providing a comfortable place to sit, this sofa is far from shabby. 

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