When many people think of modern classic furniture, they may think of boxy, uncomfortable couches or accent chairs.  However, while modern classic furniture design is known for pared down lines and a notable lack of frilly adornment, that does not mean that modern furniture is uncomfortable.  Indeed, one of the best innovations of modern classic furniture designers was the ability to mold furniture items such as chairs to forms that are inherently comfortable for most people to sit on.  Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of this (and arguably the most comfortable chair in the world) is Finnish American designer Eero Saarinen’s “Womb” chair

Saarinen, one of the most famous modern classic furniture designers of the 20th century, realized that not everyone sits in a given chair the exact same way.  Some people like to slouch, some people like to sit sideways in the seat with their legs falling over an armrest, and still others like to recline and put their feet up to read a good book.  With that in mind, Saarinen, also a noted architect, set about designing a chair that would be comfortable to sit in from all angles.  What he eventually created was the Womb chair:  a chair with a molded and reinforced fiberglass shell covered in foam padding and upholstered in luxurious cashmere fabric for a smooth, soothing touch.  The Womb chair and its matching ottoman are both supported by a thin stainless steel tube frame.  The backrest on the chair features an extra cushion for support, as well as a padded seat and armrests.  The matching ottoman offers a veritable pillow to rest your tired feet on after coming home from a long day of work.  Saarinen was responsible for some of modern classic furniture design’s most iconic pieces, which were known for their futuristic look and feel.  Another creation of Saarinen’s, the “Tulip” chair was even featured many times in film and television when “Space Age” stories were being told. 

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