Who says work can’t be a party?  Prove them wrong with the Jaden chair.  With this cool, yet professional looking office chair at your desk, you will make nine to five feel like a breeze.  Jaden comes in a brilliant white color with a thick, red seat cushion for comfort.  Perfect for those long hours at your desk trying to meet those deadlines.  Vibrant colors are not your thing?  Keep it classy with the black color.  Whichever one you decide on, the Jaden chair’s build is exquisite.  It is known for its thick molded plastic, keeping this office necessity sturdy and long lasting.  And can we talk about the wheels? They are designed so sleek that they glide across hardwood floors with no effort at all.  Of course they work just as well on a thin, office carpet.  Jaden’s seat also swivels, allowing you to turn from your laptop to the filing cabinet with ease.  You can also adjust the height of this awesome chair to perfection with the slim, cool designed lever.  The Jaden chair is $50 off right now, catch it before it rolls away.     

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Known as the “most famous chair of the century,” our version of the Plywood Lounge Chair definitely lives up to this statement.  Purposely made up of plywood, this lounge chair was one of the most popular chairs in the midcentury movement.  This statement is also true nowadays.  It is just as popular and always in demand.  So what is its secret? Well, it is the technical build of this masterpiece.  The form of the chair relates directly to the human body, allowing nothing but ease on the legs and spine.  Its ergonomic design is extremely comfortable.  Whether you like the light colored natural wood or the darker walnut color, it is easy to blend the plywood chair with almost any other décor you have in your home or office.  Get this classic piece, for only $125 until Sunday!

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Oh la-la! The Tolic chair is so sleek and versatile, you will have trouble finding the perfect place to place it.  The truth is, the Tolic chair looks great anywhere you decide to put it.  This chameleon of a chair can be found in coffee houses, restaurants, homes and offices.  They come in a variety of colors and they also mix very well with almost any interior.  Tiny living space?  Tolic is also stackable up to four chairs.  Is there anything this chair can’t do?  It is 29% off and is selling fast, so hurry!

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