You do not have to sacrifice style to get a functional, comfortable home or office.  While modern classic furniture design does depart from being merely functional, serviceable furniture to sit, eat or sleep on, it can also be just as functional and space-saving as any other furniture style.  If you are looking for creative, multi-functional modern classic furniture to fill your home or office, then EZ Mod Furniture is the first and last place you will have to look to find everything you need and want.

EZ Mod Furniture carries some of modern furniture design’s most iconic pieces, as well as several innovative and space-saving new modern furniture designs for your home or office.  If your house or apartment is short on space, our collection of futons and convertible sofas may be just what you need.  Featuring all the sleek styling and lines of modern furniture, these sofas either fold down or pull out to form either single or double beds for those frequent visits from friends and family members.  When not being slept on, these futons feature crisp, straight lines and a variety of colors and fabrics to suit any taste or color scheme.  EZ Mod Furniture also carries several coffee table options that are big on both style and extra storage space:  our black or clear acrylic coffee tables and end tables feature built-in pockets at both ends that are perfect for storing extra books, magazines or newspapers.  As an added bonus, these same acrylic end tables can also double as stools for extra seating when you have guests over and can be used outdoors as well as in.  EZ Mod’s Nao coffee table also features two deep drawers for storing music, movies, extra linens and more—all with the style you expect from high-quality modern furniture designs.  If you need extra seats for frequent gatherings in your home or office, consider EZ Mod’s Panton-style “S” chairs:  these sleek, molded plastic modern classic icons are one solid piece of plastic that can be stacked and stored when not in use and come in black, white or red to add a touch of flair to any party.  These wonderful chairs also come in smaller sizes that are perfect for a child’s room and are just $99 each.  EZ Mod Furniture makes it easy for you to find high-quality modern furniture at prices you can afford. 

Acrylic Coffee Tables