Modern classic furniture combines classic designs and contemporary style in order to create works of art that give definition to any room. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work of Harry Bertoia, the famous Italian sculptor, university lecturer and furniture designer. Bertoia was, first and foremost, a sculptor and this served as the launching pad to many of his furniture designs. One of his most famous and era-defining works is the Diamond Chair. Created in 1952, the Diamond Chair is an intricate work of art that was included in a series of furniture that utilized bent metal rods to make practical and comfortable seating options. Bertoia’s vision was one of great genius; he successfully took a material that had not been used in furniture design (industrial metal rods) and converted it into a practical and functional seating option. The Diamond Chair has undoubtedly become one of the most replicated designs in modern classic furniture; it is one of the defining pieces of art of the 1950s and continues to be popular to this day. Thinking as a true sculptor, Bertoia said of the Diamond Chair, “If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes through them.”

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