Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, be it you biological mom, your step mom, adoptive mom, mother in law, godmother, auntie, grandmother or just someone who mothers you…….one day just doesn’t seem like enough to honor them for all they do for you. Being a mom myself I may be a little bias but knowing first-hand what it takes to do this amazing (and sometimes thankless) job, I want to share what we moms are really hoping for this Mother’s Day.

I am sure this may surprise some of you out there but what we moms really crave for Mother’s Day and every day is just a simple “thanks mom”. This can be conveyed in the simplest of ways.  My teenage daughter who prefers to spend most of her days in her room online or out running around with her friends always makes time to find me and give me a hug.  This is my favorite gift from her. My 3 year old can melt me with a hand-picked wilted flower or a “Mama I love you, you are my sweetie. “, whispered to me as he drifts off to sleep. My tween son gives me the gift of still wanting to have me tuck him at night and saying “sweet dreams” as magical mom-ism to keep the bad dreams away.  I know this won’t last forever but for now I am enjoying every minute of it! These are my daily gifts of being a mother.  

Now when it comes to honoring our own moms and other mom figures in our lives we can show them just how much they mean in a million different ways. To make it easier for you, I have set up a “Mother’s Day Ideas” board on our Pinterest page this board is chock full of ideas from inexpensive, homemade DIY gifts to yummy Mother’s Day brunch recipes and some fabulous mom favorites from our own EZmod furniture website. . I am sad to say this is the first Mother’s Day that I will be away from my own mom since I have moved across country but I am planning on being there in spirit by sending her some homemade photo gifts.  What are you doing to celebrate this well deserved holiday? I wish all you moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day and remember to keep it EZ! -Truly, Kristin M.