As the school year is quickly coming to an end, I have been thinking of ways to properly thank those courageous souls who dedicate their lives to teaching my children. An apple for the teacher just doesn’t cut the mustard these days so every year I look for a unique and special way to let them know how much they mean to my family. I have a child in middle school, elementary school and preschool so finding unique gift ideas can be time consuming. I have come up with some EZ solutions for teacher gifts and will let you in on my findings.

In my sometimes selective memory I have visions of teachers good and bad throughout my own education and the good always outweigh the bad. I can remember a sweet, hippie kindergarten teacher who would play guitar and teach us Beatles songs (this was the mid 70’s, lol) and a passionate Art History professor in college who showed me all there was to love about art and history. He was the reason I wanted to travel to Europe and see all the amazing art in Rome, Paris and Spain. My children have been blessed with some remarkable teachers over the years. My son has been in a special needs classroom since he started school and his teachers always amaze me with their patience and dedication. As a parent volunteer at his class parties and field trips, I have witnessed the challenges these teachers face and how they handle these challenges with grace and unending fortitude.  Having worked as a substitute teacher and paraprofessional in the public school system,  I have seen firsthand how teachers can impact a child’s life. It’s sometimes a thankless job but let’s face it, they didn’t choose this career for the fame or the money. I hope to show them how thankful my family is for all they do. Here is my plan; most teachers get gifts like gift cards, sweets or school supplies from parents. If you want to know what they really want, give them a brief questionnaire at the beginning of the school year asking them their favorite things. Here is a cute one from Life Sweet Life. Then you can tailor their gifts to them personally and get them something they will really like. I have also searched for teacher gift ideas on Pinterest and created a Teacher Gifts board that I filled with unique and thoughtful gift suggestions. Remember it’s the thought that counts so don’t stress over how much it costs, a gift of thanks is priceless. How do you thank a teacher? Please leave me feedback by registering on Ezmod’s website. Thanks and keep it EZ!

Truly, Kristin M.