Shopping for modern classic furniture is hard enough without the impending threat of higher prices for consumers.  Unfortunately, most news outlets are echoing the fears that the furniture industry is in for higher prices.  Shoppers at Ezmod Furniture can take comfort though, our everyday amazing deals are perfect for your budget.

Higher Prices?

Various furniture manufacturers and business consultants are pointing to the increasing prices of raw materials as well as the increasing costs of labor as reasons why they feel furniture prices will increase.  Another major issues it he rising cost of shipping from Asia to the United States as much of the goods in America are manufactured in Asia.  So far, some furniture stores are raising prices on their modern classic furniture and other furniture items.  A shop in Michigan raised prices by 2 percent this week.  That may not seem like much, but a 2 percent increase in Michigan could be a 10 percent increase in New York or California, and that’s just for starters.

As an example, a furniture store in North Carolina said that a replica of a chair used by President John F. Kennedy sold for $199 for 14 years and is now priced at $225!  That’s a 12.5 percent increase on just one item.  If you wanted six of these chairs for your dining set, that would be a $150 increase.

Help is Here!

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