At Ezmod Furniture, one of the reasons we have been able to supply our customers with such great service and such great prices is that we have minimal overhead.  Department stores and large furniture stores have a limited space to offer you a great selection of modern classic furniture, and they have to pay for a show room floor, sales people, utilities, etc.  At Ezmod Furniture, we make shopping for online furniture easy, and we pass the savings we get on to you, the consumer.  Plus, because we are online only, we can ship modern classic furniture all over the country.  We are not bound by our showroom or local geography; we possess unlimited deliverability because we do not confine ourselves to just one location.

A perfect example of a furniture store having too much overhead is a recent Chapter 11 filed in Central Florida.  Hudson’s Furniture Showroom Inc., which had four stores in Central Florida, filed for bankruptcy due to real estate issues.  Think about that, a company can have serious debt issues over real estate which has nothing to do with the furniture they offer.  When you wonder why a couch or chair costs you so much more at a department store or furniture store, remember that you are helping that company pay rent on its showroom.

This is one of the reasons buying modern classic furniture from Ezmod is a much more enjoyable experience, no overhead.  In addition to shopping for furniture from the comfort of your home and not having to deal with pushy salespeople trying to make their commission, you get the best price possible because we have minimal overhead.  Our prices make it seem like we are having a sale every day, not just every President’s Day, and our unsurpassed quality and selection is well-known amongst consumers. 

This furniture store’s total debt was $12.8 million dollars!  Think about how much money they charge consumers on every purchase just to make sure they can make ends meet.  And this isn’t even a large chain!  Imagine what national furniture store franchises are charging consumers on everything from modern classic furniture to delivery costs.  The markups have gone too far.

If you’re interested in buying exquisite, sturdy online furniture, look no further than  Our modern classic furniture selection is perfect for any room of your house, office, apartment, condo or town home.  Check us out today.