As my birthday quickly approaches this week I have been bombarded with emails offering me coupons for everything from a free steak dinner to complimentary yoga classes. It’s amazing how many free things you can do or get on your big day. is a website totally devoted to things that are free on your birthday! While not one to turn down a free meal I have found that on my birthday I could literally eat a free breakfast, lunch and dinner plus dessert! If I had the time that is. Not only on your birthday but every day the internet is chock full of freebies and ways to save money. And who doesn’t love to save money and get free stuff?

The web has sites completely devoted to coupons and coupon codes. Coupon Codes, Coupon Cabin and Fat Wallet are just a few that have the latest and greatest coupons and sale info for all kinds of retailers. There is also mail services like Coupon Clipper that take your personal likes and send you coupons in the mail for just products you buy. This eliminates buying several papers and pouring through weekly newspaper ads and sorting through coupons you won’t use. There is also some great mobile apps for coupons that you can download for free. Retail Me Not’s mobile app will actually alert you with a ringtone to let you know which stores in the area you are currently in has coupons or sales going on. Some sites like Crazy Coupon Lady take out all the legwork of couponing and give you daily updates to the best deals on the web along with easy ways to redeem and combine these great offers for maximum savings. Joining a store’s reward program for a merchant that you often frequent is another great way to save with exclusive coupons sent to your email and instant savings with reward points.  If you are looking for great deals on activities, restaurants and travel, Groupon is the site for you. This is a daily deal promoter that gives consumers limited time savings offers (in limited quantities) on products, services and travel.  Even here at Ezmod Furniture we have coupon codes to save on our fabulous furniture. These codes change occasionally, but right now by using code EZSAVE50 on orders of $600 or more you save $50 dollars and by using EZSAVE100 on orders over $1000.00 you can save $100 at checkout. Store coupons, mobile coupons, manufacturer coupons, retail reward clubs and sales alerts can all contribute to big savings if you are a little savvy. Just another way to keep it EZ! How do you like to save money? Truly, Kristin M