At Ezmod Furniture, our selection of modern classic furniture offers consumers an opportunity to get high quality furniture for any room in their house at a price they can afford.  However, there are many department stores that charge excessively high prices for furniture that really is not what one would consider modern, or really even classic.

Pottery Barn came out with financial news this week, announcing that they are beginning to recover from the economic crisis.  Pottery Barn was in a difficult situation since their prices for furniture were quite high, often outside the price range of the average American consumer.  While the financial reports were better than expected, the ability of the average consumer to purchase a piece of furniture at Pottery Barn has not improved.  In fact, Pottery Barn (which also owns Williams-Sonoma) saw an overall drop of 2.7% of their revenue last year.  The company had to close numerous “under performing” stores in an effort to cut losses.

The question is, can a consumer get high quality modern classic furniture from these types of furniture stores at a price that is reasonable.  Unfortunately, the answer seems to be “no” because the overall economy is still hurting the wallets and budgets of most Americans.  At Ezmod, our prices are great, and our selection is extensive.  From the bedroom to the living room, and from the dining room to the office, consumers can find the type of furniture that will save them money on the front end and last a long time.

Furniture stores have marked up furniture, sales quotas, pushy sales people and more, all of which can make the shopping experience a difficult one.  While consumers may just want to take some time to compare prices, they might feel pressured by sales people who are obligated to get as many sales per day as possible.  This problem is eliminated at Ezmod Furniture, because our website clearly demonstrates the selection, color and price of every piece of modern classic furniture without putting any pressure on the customer.  Online shopping has become the preferred avenue for most consumers, and buying online furniture is no different. 

Ezmod’s excellent selection of modern classic furniture provides unique, one of a kind furniture options for any room in your house, condo, town home or office.  The website regularly features new sales and promotions, and our shipping costs are extremely low.  Instead of high priced department stores that have a limited selection, try looking at the options provided by Ezmod Furniture.