The Butterfly Bentwood Chair is the epitome of simplicity and functionality; it blends Eastern influences with the classic designs of Charles and Ray Eames. The simple, Eastern influence of this chair allows this chair to be minimalistic, but the concise bending of plywood that Charles and Ray Eames made famous make this chair strong and sturdy.

The chair was originally designed by Sori Yanagi in 1954 and features a silhouette that is reminiscent of butterfly wings. The two L-shaped rosewood sections of the chair combine to form the chair and are held in place by a metal rod in the center that ensures that the chair is sturdy and reliable. The precise plywood bending technique used to make this chair is effective in making the chair strong and ensures that it can be used for years to come.

This chair is the perfect fusion of Eastern and Western influences converging to form a modern classic furniturepiece that is truly unique. The Western influences shine through in the form of the chair, the stool and in the material that is used to create the chair, bentwood. And, even though this chair was largely absent from traditional Japanese furniture, it features a defining Asian calligraphic simplicity that caters to furniture minimalists.

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