Few furniture designers have had as lasting an impact on modern furniture design as Charles and Ray Eames.  Their collaboration on everything from architecture to office furniture to lounge chairs has produced some of modern furniture design’s most well-known pieces.  Married in 1941, the couple set up their own design studio in Venice, California and eventually designed and built their own home in collaboration with another giant of modern furniture design, Eero Saarinen, in the Pacific Palisades, just a few miles from their design shop.  The house stands to this day and has even been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Charles and Ray Eames were known for their innovation and utter departure from more traditional furniture designs and manufacturing.  Technical innovations in the world of metals, woods and plastic in the mid-20th century inspired many of their modern classic furniture designs.  Plastic, while first invented in 1855, really came into its own in the 1950s and 1960s as scientists and inventors modified its chemical structure and created new uses for it.  Plastic was everywhere in the mid-20th century as scientists invented plastics from synthetic materials that could form plastic eating utensils, Saran Wrap, Tupperware and, finally, even furniture.  One piece that is typical the Eamses’ style as well as their fascination with plastic’s new possibilities is the Eiffel chairs sold by EZ Mod Furniture.  These modern classic chairs are constructed of a molded plastic shell atop a framework of high-shine chrome steel that is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.  The molded plastic shell is curved to be comfortable for sitting on, even without any type of padded cushion. The simplicity of the Eiffel chairs makes them a functional as well as stylish addition to any dining room, living room or office.  EZ Mod Furniture makes these icons of modern furniture design in either black or white matte plastic and adds black floor protectors to the bottom of each of the four legs to protect your hardwood floors from being scratched.  And where most modern classic furniture retailers would sell these icons of modern furniture design for as much as $260, EZ Mod Furniture carries them for just $159.99, saving you $100 on each chair. 

If you are looking for modern classic furniture for your home or office, the choice is clear:  EZ Mod Furniture has the modern classic style you want at the prices you can afford.