Need a lot of color in your décor?  Do you own or operate a yogurt or ice cream shop? Are you remodeling and want to add fun seating colors to your kitchen island?  Well consider the Scooper Bar Stool, coming soon.  With shiny coated design colors of vibrant hot pink, purple, blue, and red you can add some beautiful color to your new or existing design.  The Scooper Bar Stool also comes in black, silver, and white and is made of ABS plastic and a shiny chrome finish.  This stool offers very comfortable seating with an adjustable height.  The Scooper Bar Stool is ideal for homes, clubs, coffee shops, ice cream and yogurt shops. 




Add some glamour to your bedroom with the Pouf Mirrors and Round Ottomans.  They are made with shiny silver material and finished off with sparkling clear jewelry. 



Are you an actor, actress, writer, or drama enthusiast stuck in a mundane world?  Well invite old Hollywood into your home with these fun and functional lamps.  The Ahoy Floor Lamp and Hollywood Table lamp add old Hollywood charm in these unusual designs.  They are made of real wood and chrome.  Be on the lookout.