Whether you have a large house with a room for everyone or you have a smaller house because there are not that many of you, you never know when you will have a need for guests.  For this reason, it may be a good idea to think about including a convertible sofa bed into your design and space planning.


To be able to help someone in a time of need is not only a blessing for the person being helped but also for the person extending the help.  Say for instance someone’s friend or close family member needs a place to stay while they get on their feet.  The price of hotel or motel room can range between $ 60-150 a night. Who can afford to keep staying in a room at that price on a longer term bases? For the sake of generosity, kindness, and humanity, I think it is better to be over-prepared, for a need that could arise, ahead of time.  It is very uncomfortable and disheartening to see someone in need and being helpless to do anything about it. I know of someone that has shown a family distraught living in the park, homeless and homeless graciousness in offering their living room for a short time. Or perhaps an in-law or a sibling may need a place to go in an emergency.  


Convertible sofa’s fit perfectly in these situations, whether you place them in a bedroom, a den, or a family room, it is great to have at least one sofa that turns into a bed.  You may even decide having one isn’t enough after you find how handy they come in. 


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