When I met my husband, I could see right away he would make for an amazing dad someday. All it took was seeing him with his cat, Roxy. She was the queen of his apartment and Roxy let me know that indisputable fact as soon as I met her. My husband surely treated her like a queen and I could see his loving and caring personality shine in his love for Roxy. Sixteen years and three kids later, he is a remarkable dad, I was right. This Sunday we honor our dads, grandpa’s, stepdads, and other father figures in our lives with Father’s Day. Such an important figure in our lives deserves a day to relax and just be appreciated for all they do for us. Here are some EZ and memorable ways to celebrate.

My dad was always my biggest fan, rooting for me in all I did and wanted to do and encouraging me to “reach for the stars” and go even further. He passed away when I was in college, but his life lessons still resound in who I am today. He was an amazing dad. My stepdad is also an amazing dad. Brian shows he cares with food. He is an amazing cook and sends his magical “secret spice” mixes across the country for my family to enjoy. He brings comfort food care packages, like yummy meatloaf and mac n cheese to those of us lucky enough to get sick, have a baby, or attend a funeral. Family holidays and reunions aren’t complete without Brian’s famous…stuffing, baked beans, pulled pork, etc. This Father’s day I am planning on sending him a care package with some of his favorite things. A trip to a local discount store can yield lots of little inexpensive man-friendly items like beef jerky, flashlights, bottle opener keychain, grill lighter, etc.…to  fill up a gift basket and then I can add a few bigger things like BBQ sauce and scratch tickets or gift cards. My father in law, (aka amazing dad #4) the man I credit for teaching my husband to be such an amazing dad is a retired, DIY guy who enjoys working on projects around the house. He loves to get gift cards from home improvement stores. My husband wants and asks for the same thing every year, nothing. All he wants is to spend the day with his family. See I told you, amazing. I am a lucky lady.  Even though he wants for nothing, I make sure he gets some treats as well. I like to ask my kids what to do for him and they usually come up with some great ideas. If you are stuck for ideas I have once again created a Pinterest board called Father’s Day Ideas and it is chock full of great gift ideas, BBQ ideas, kids projects and lots of ways to show dad just how much he means to you. Our Ezmod website is also a great resource for man cave furniture and home décor items that make for great gifts! I hope you and your dads have a great Father’s Day. Keep it EZ! Truly, Kristin M