His early life started in Los Angeles, and quickly ended up in Japan with his mother and half sister. There, his mother encouraged his artistic ability by giving him the opportunity to oversee the building of the family house as well as landscaping surrounding areas and had him apprentice a local carpenter. His high school years he was brought back to the United States where shortly after graduating he apprenticed for Gutzon Borlum- most popular as the creator of the Mount Rushmore Memorial. Borlum stated Naguchi wasn’t cut out to be a sculptor and to try his hand at something else. His aspirations in medicine at Columbia University was halted by the urge of a friend and famous choreographer/dancer Michio Ito to pursue art once more. Naguchi then traveled around the world honing his style by sculpting busts and taking in the various cultures and art that would influence his work. His bust sculptors sustained him through the great depression until he was commissioned to do several pieces for businesses as he continued his education. As Pearl Harbor erupted, a mass internment of Japanese Americans started on the west coast, Noguchi formed the “Nisei Writers and Artists for Democracy” writing and speaking against anti-Japanese sentiment, and actually volunteered himself as an internee at an internment camp teaching arts and crafts on the Indian reservation in Poston, Arizona. After being granted a furlough from the camp, he left for New York and took a new studio in Greenwich Village. He then continued sculpting, drawing from the surrealist movement and creating theatre set designs for choreographer and dancer Martha Grahm. His busy life then entailed designing furniture and lamps for Knoll and Herman Miller in which these timeless pieces continue to be reproduced to this day. Here at EzMod furniture, we are happy to have one of his most prolific pieces for furniture. We call it the Tribeca table and it is a quality reproduction manufactured to almost the exact specifics as the original Noguchi table

. It has a 3/4” inch tempered glass top and a solid wood base that we carry in natural, black in walnut. We offer this table that will complement any home for an affordable price of 360.00 and we know it will bring style with a twist to any home or office!