Le Corbusier designed quite a few of the pieces that our recreations are based on at Ezmod Furniture, and overall, modern classic furniture would be dramatically different if not for his contributions.  Many of the Le Corbusier-inspired pieces we have on sale sell quite well because people are attracted to his designs, even forty plus years after his passing.

Charles-Edouard Jenneret-Gris, also known as Le Corbusier, was a Swiss-French architect, designer, writer and all around artist.  He was originally one of the pioneers of “modern architecture” focusing on modern design in the 20th century.  In the earliest part of his career, he focused mainly on architecture, spending a great deal of time theorizing on new designs, modern techniques and a complete rethinking of what architecture should encompass.  He befriended countless artists during this time, including Amedee Ozenfant, a cubist painter.

He adopted the pseudonym “Le Corbusier” in 1920, which is his maternal grandfather’s name, as a way to reinvent himself.  From architecture, he moved into urbanism, hoping to redesign many of the slums he saw throughout the nation of France.  His first project, the Immeubles Villas, called for large blocks of cell-like individual apartments stacked on top of each other.  He dabbled in designs for entire cities.  Soon after, he began to dabble in the modern classic furniture that has become one of his longest lasting investments into design and culture.

When creating modern classic furniture, Le Corbusier theorized three different versions – type-needs, type-furniture and human-limb projects.
 The many items inspired by Le Corbusier that we carry include the:

Le Corbusier Chase – which comes in pony hide, white leather and black leather

The Le Corbusier Petite Sofa – which comes in white leather and black leather

The Le Corbusier Petite Chair – white leather and black leather

For these and other modern classic furniture pieces inspired by the 20th century’s greatest designers, go to www.ezmodfurniture.com today.  You can get great deals, buy Le Corbusier sets for your entire living room and save countless dollars in the process.