You walk in to a home and chances are you find yourself in someones living room.

Now I'm willing to bet that at least 95% of the time the television is acting as the SUN.

Let me explain.

The sun is the center of the solar system, and all of the planits gravitate towards it. The Suns gravitational pull forces all of the planets to constantly revolve around it.

 Now imagine  your  front room.  

Don't be ashamed to admit that  every piece of furniture you have isfocused around the almighty television.  it's not all your fault. Society has gotten lazy when it comes to creativity.  We  tend tp replicate what we see others do.  

Monkey see monkey do right?


you're not a monkey and your house shouldn't look like it was  decorated by one.

What benefit does revolving your room around the TV have? It causes your company to develop more antisocial tendencies then they already have. In a world of facebook and twitter it seems social media is making society less social, isn't that ironice?

We use the TV as a scapegoat from meaningful conversation.  It's time to take a different approach.

How about arranging your furniture to compliment the highlights of your home? You might have a breathtaking view from large bay windows in your livingroom, but because its not facing the TV no one will ever appreciate it.  Think of other aspects when deciding how to set up your furniture.


Do the seats in the room allow for everyone to make eye contact with one another?

If so, this promotes conversation and can actually lead to a more delightful experience when having guests for for dinner or tea. 

Choosing some vibrant colors can also be crucial when tryin to set the right mood.  Don't be scared to take chances, success is never obtained without taking chances. So be more unique, be the one person in your circle of friends that doesnt have a TV in their front room, or even if you do , arrange the layout so that it's not focused on the Sony Lcd 55' Flat Screen.

TV's will always be here, oppurtunities  to have warm conversation with the ones you love wont.

Corey Esquivel