To take a break from the constant hustle and bustle which typically consumes my blogs I wanted to take a step back and see what type of mediums and platforms you guys are using out there when looking for ideas, products, designers, and social media outlets?

Recently I have been exposed to “Home Polis”  I wanted to get some feedback from my readers on what they use/think about Home Polish, so be sure to leave some comments for me to gather feedback from.

From what I can gather Home Polish seems like a good platform for designers and decoraters to find products that match their/their clients needs.  Ez Mod is going to be setting up an account with Home Polish, it is already in the works,  look for us.


Houzz is #1 on Ez Mods to-do-list.  We recently set up an account with Houzz and I am in the process of formulating some ideabooks that you guys can skim through and give some feedback on.  I have never seen anything like Houzz, it is not only a social media platform but it has a Market Place that they have recently launched, which ezmod will be taking advantage of.


Just out of curiosity what do you guys use the most?

Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter?