Don’t forget to consider including shiny materials in your design, like glass, acrylic, chrome, and mirror.  We have a number of these exciting elements in our furniture throughout our site.  In fact, we have just added mirrors and mirrored furniture in our new products category.  For the modern look you may like to incorporate clear and translucent furniture.  Functional, beautiful, almost invisible, provides as much comfort just as any other piece.  Acrylic furniture lends an airy playful feeling to your environment.  Clear acrylic furniture and accessories are unexpected and welcoming for that reason and are a pleasant surprise for visitors and friends.    Another great reason is that the furniture can bring the function of seating or table, yet doesn’t fight with the surroundings and block the other colors or other pieces going on in the room.  I particularly enjoy not only the clear furniture, but the ones that add a tint of color to them. 

Clear and translucent furniture can be found in tables, chairs, ornaments, railings, steps, beds, desks, lighting, etc.  We carry a large assortment of colored translucent and clear pieces for your enjoyment. 

Utilizing glass and translucent acrylic furniture gives you more of an opportunity to add just the colors you want.  Take a look. Use keywords in your search such as clear, glass, chrome, silver, and acrylic.