With the everyday hustle and bustle of kids, work, chores, appointments and an occasional thirty minutes on my elliptical machine, relaxing is usually not an option. That elusive word creeps into my brain from time to time and I think why don’t I make time to take time and relax? The world keeps getting faster and faster and sometimes we need to step off the hamster wheel for a bit to save our sanity.

How do you like to relax? Is it a day at the spa, a cozy spot in your yard to curl up with a good book, hitting the beach and enjoying the sun or a kid free date night with your man? For me it’s finding a comfy spot to crash at the end of a long day with a glass of red wine, dark chocolate and my Kindle. I can’t remember the last time it happened but that’s my nirvana. These days relaxing has to be scheduled and it is usually the first thing to be cut from said schedule when other life events take precedence.  Making time to relax is more important than we think and studies have shown can be good for your health. Reducing stress in your life by using relaxation techniques can lower your blood pressure, help fight off disease, reduce depression, helps us look and feel younger and even makes us live longer! There is a great article on WebMD on “How to Reduce Stress” that gives you 10 quick and easy relaxation techniques. A key to practicing stress relief activities and sticking with them is setting up the right environment to foster these techniques.  When planning your sea of tranquility, start with color, the right color on your walls can add to the calming effects of a space. Choose light, soothing and subtle colors like sage green or sky blue to enhance a feeling of tranquility. Texture is another element in a space where you can imbue your senses by bringing in soft and plush area rugs, lots of pillows and fabrics that invite serenity now. Sounds of nature and peaceful music can enhance your sensory experience and help clear your mind of stressful thoughts. The right furniture made for relaxation can complete your overall experience in a space. For example, a sofa that invites the sitter to stay and get lost in the comfort of its cushions or a reclining chair that says, “Put your feet up, sit back and sink into the worry free world around you”, can help your stress melt away. A great sofa to set the stage for relaxing is Ezmod’s Modern Fabric Modular Sofa which is designed for comfort with its low to the ground bucket like seating and soft microfiber fabric. The Panos Dual Fabric Sectional is also an ultra-comfortable sofa with 6 overstuffed pillows, a velvety ribbed microfiber fabric and reversible chaise lounge.  If lounging is your stairway to heaven try the Impress Lounge Set, with leather-upholstered cushions that are specially developed to ensure the ultimate level of comfort and can curve according to the user’s position. All of these design components in a space work together to create a harmonious environment to promote stress relief. So remember, keep your stress low and your comfort high for a long & EZ life! Truly, Kristin M