I think of my room as my little studio.  I have my bed, my living room, and my office within one place.  It is quite cozy.  Creating and reinventing your bedroom or any room for that matter can be a good thing.  I find that it helps bring in the new and aids in keeping you motivated by enabling you to see possibilities.  Sometimes life can feel stagnate, and you just need a change, even a little change will do. It is really a matter of perspective.  I for one, like to change things up every once in a while and change my room around at least 3 times a year. For instance, this weekend I got rid of an extra twin bed, well, I didn’t throw it away, it went into another room. 


Wow!  The elimination of the extra bed made a huge difference.  While I still want an additional bed in there, I need to rethink on the type of bed I want.  Placing a convertible sofa in there would be ideal, since I am in there a large part of the time.  You see, sometimes I have my nephew over and at other times I have my boyfriend over, so I do need an extra bed in there, regardless.  I am contemplating something like the Shelby Sofa that we carry.  The removal of the other twin bed gave me more walking room and I feel like I have more freedom, of course I do.  The way that I had two twin beds situated in there was really constraining because while it was there for function and versatility, it created a physical stumbling block for me and to some extent a psychological one too. The way I had it was a real drag because it didn’t allow for the natural walking pattern in my room. 


What caused the change? Well I simply started playing with possibilities on Autodesk’s Homestyler again so I could see my room in a different way. I recommend utilizing a free online design tool such as this one to consider the possibilities of your spaces.  It is fun and not hard at all.  Even though I couldn’t draw my own pieces of furniture, you can use other pieces in the program to represent the sizes of your furniture at least and that is all you really need to space plan and conceptualize your room.  You can see your work in 3D.  Try it out.