Wow, it sure is gloomy outside in Los Angeles today.  This is the time of year when we tend to slow down and stay indoors and become more sedentary.  It is also a time when the weather affects our moods a little, some more than others in a more adverse way.  It is time to remedy the situation by adding more light to your décor.  Now mind you, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy expensive lighting and hire a lighting designer to specify mood lighting.  I mean you can if you want to and have the means, however you can just go to your local thrift store and purchase additional table lamps.  Yes you will be using a little more electricity, well not if you use the cfl’s but you will be proactive in warding off the blue’s.  Now how much is that worth?  The trick is to bring life back indoors.  You may even want to invest in track lighting or even hire a designer if you have the means to.  Take a look at some of the examples that have enlivened up some interiors.  Imagine what this type of design can do in your home. 

Another way to enliven your environment is to include pictures of your friends and family at a more active time.  This reminds you that the gloomy weather will be short lived and you can once again return to that active lifestyle you so crave.  Here is an example of several creative ways to include the pictures of your loved ones. 


This image has a very lively look.  The curve in the table is repeated by the curved gate on the wall which includes pictures of loved ones highlighted with accent lighting washing the wall of pictures.  In addition, the whimsical wave in the ceiling light adds to that feeling of lightness and whimsy, adding to the light atmosphere.  This room is joyful, light, and easy and it is very likely to put you in a great mood.  That is what good design does, it puts us in better moods, right?  I know it does for me.  This is a fun room with fun colors that includes great lighting and brighter colors.  That will keep the blahs away.  Look at the wall, what a neat idea.

This next one is cute too, with it’s enlarged pictures of the smiling babies.  Now who do you know doesn’t feel more light when greeted with the adorable smiles of babies and children? The room is expansive, light in color, and has a beautiful light infused chandelier.  The chandelier looks like one that we carry, called the Shooting Stars Ceiling Lamp at $ 412.56.  The dining chairs are similar in style as our Set of Boujan White Plastic Dining Chairs for $ 159.00. 


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